Training is very individual and as such there is no one programme that suits everyone. My approach is to ensure that training is tailored both physically and mentally to each individuals goals. Success is far more likely with this balanced style. The range of services is listed below and each clients proramme will incorporate different elements from it.

REHABILITATION: Recovery from illness or injury can take time, but a properly balanced fitness programme can greatly help.

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: Weight loss or weight gain can be achieved with the right exercise and nutrition programme.

CARDIOVASCULAR TRAINING: The great health and fitness benefits of this exercise can be attained in many ways - running, cycling, power walking, circuit training, aerobics or step.

WEIGHT TRAINING: This type of training is very helpful for toning, building, prevention of osteoporosis and even weight loss.

PILATES: I offer Pilates as both a one to one activity and as a class (see pilates page for class details). Discover the excellent benefits from this gentle, but highly effective form of exercise.

SPORT SPECIFIC FITNESS: Having worked with national level athletes in waterskiing, rowing and tennis I have a good understanding of sport specific needs.

CORE CONDITIONING: Strengthen your back and stomach muscles to help prevent or treat a bad back.

CIRCUIT TRAINING: This form of training can be performed individually or in a group, inside or outside and is easily tailored to suit different people or different sports.

SPECIAL POPULATIONS: I have experience of working with adults with learning difficulties and adults with head injuries. Both of these groups gain tremendous benefit from a structured exercise routine.

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